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[am] Miwa Matreyek at The Cube

[AM] Conversations with Michel Gondry

«If you let your idea down, your idea won’t trust you in the future»

Is the Man Who Is Tall Happy?: Screening!

Prof. Chomsky, Michel Gondry, Michel Oshima, Ashley Davis, Beverly Stohl, Sebastien Casino, Council of the Arts at MIT, Lecture Series Committee: THANK YOU! Pictures of an amazing night.

Miwa Matreyek: Confirmed.

We are rete happy! to be hosting Miwa Matreyek February the 28th.

Performance  + Q&A


Michel Gondry + Noam Chomsky: Is The Man Who is Tall Happy?


Screen Shot 2013-02-07 at 4.59.51 PM
Advance Screening and Q&A with Director Michel Gondry and Prof. Noam Chomsky
Is the Man Who is Tall Happy? 
Tuesday February 12th, 7pm. 
26-100 MIT
*David Robert and myself will be introducing (ANIMATED MATTERS, GO!). We got a sneak peek at the film and all I (we?) can say is: DON’T MISS IT.

Is the Man Who is Tall Happy? is an animated documentary on the life of MIT professor and linguist Noam Chomsky. Directed by Michel Gondry (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless MindThe Science of Sleep), the film features a series of conversations between Gondry and Chomsky as they explore the life and work of Noam Chomsky.

In the words of the director:

“My conversations with Professor Chomsky were lively, sometime complex, always very human. Through my illustrations, we follow the winding path of my halting and incomplete understanding. Noam is often patient, sometime less so. The trail always follows unexpected bends. The process and logic of Noam’s stream of ideas have determined the transitions and evolution of my drawings. The concept of ‘animated documentary’ finds a perfect justification here.

At the heart of the conversation, we encounter Noam’s theory of the emergence of language. Listening to Noam discuss this topic made we wonder what it would have been like to meet the astronomer Edwin Hubble and listen to him talk about the red shift he observed from distant galaxies and how it led to the theory of the big bang. Maybe that is a weak comparison, but it is another way of simply saying I felt privileged to have this dialogue.

In the end, what will stay the most with me in these discussions is Noam Chomsky’s humanity, the way he respects people’s different ways of life, their beliefs – and, above all, the way he often includes his wife, Carol Chomsky, in the conversations, and in some way keeps her alive and next to him.”

— Director Michel Gondry



[AM] 4

Animated Matters 4:   Direct Animation & Works in Clay, Yarn and Moth wings affixed to 16mm celluloid

Ben Gaydos sets up loading hand painted film onto his 8mm projector


We will be hosting a special guest, Ben Gaydos who will be screening short films by Stan Brakhage and his own work in addition to giving a talk on hypnagogic vision and his own process of direct animation.

Ben Gaydos is a designer, filmmaker, artist and educator. He has filmed sadhus in Nepal and fisherman in India, worked as a designer in Germany and the UK, collaborated with blues musicians in Virginia and electronic artists in Detroit. His experiments in design, sound, film and video have been exhibited internationally. Ben has conducted research in design and anthropology at Virginia Commonwealth University, where he received his MFA in Visual Communication/Design. He is co-founder of goodgood, a Boston-based interdisciplinary design firm, and is currently teaching design at the Art Institute of Boston. See more of his work at and

1. Jan Svankmajer – tma/svetlo/tma (Darkness/Light/Darkness), 1989, 7:31
2. Bjork’s Wanderlust, 2007,t 7:38
3. The Making of Wanderlust, 2007, 4:15

1. Michel Gondry – Walkie Talkie Man, 2004, 3:02
2. The Making of Walkie Talkie Man, 2004, 5:06

1. Stan Brakhage – Mothlight, 1963, 16mm, 3:14
2. Stan Brakhage – Dante Quartet, 1987, 35mm, 70mm, IMAX, 6:05
3. Stan Brakhage – Rage Net, 1988, 35mm, 0:52
4. Stan Brakhage – Black Ice, 1994, 16mm, 2:05

1. Ben Gaydos  –  Not Killing for Life, 2005, 16mm, 1:55
2. Ben Gaydos  –  Poïesis VII (redux), 2007-10,  8mm, 6:26
3. Ben Gaydos  –  Untitled, 2007-12, Super 8mm, 3:45