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Animating atoms (the world’s smallest actors)

Nothing short of amazing:  planning, patience and grit.  This is the result of IBM researchers using a scanning tunneling microscope to film the world’s smallest actors in a -260 Centigrade environment (to hold the atoms still) one frame at a time.

and this is how they animated by “feeling the shape of each atom”:

RIP:Ray Harryhausen, special-effects legend, dies at 92


From the LA Times:

Ray Harryhausen pioneered stop-motion animation, creating classics such as ‘The Beast From 20,000 Fathoms,’ and ‘The 7th Voyage of Sinbad.’ Without his work, ‘there never would have been a “Star Wars” or a “Jurassic Park,”’ Steven Spielberg said.

[am] Miwa Matreyek at The Cube

[AM] Hands-ON Session #2

[AM] Hands-ON taking off tomorrow!




Thursdays 6:30 pm

Personal Robots + Object-Based Media Area

E15 4th floor


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Thanks to all involved, last semester’s Animated Matters was a success.  If this is your first time hearing about this, check out our blog:

We were able to host animators William Kentridge, Ben Gaydos and screened experimental animation films covering a broad range of materials and approaches.

This time:  Animated Matters plans to take things hands-on.

We’ve got various physical materials for you, an animation set (to build), a stand, some stop-motion software and an overabundance of excitement about making things come to life on screen.

You don’t have to know how to draw, all experience levels welcome.

Come hang out with fellow animation enthusiasts this Thursday.  If you’re a pro, share your wisdom.  If you’re new, bring your fresh ideas and aspirations.

We have a concept for a collaborative animation we want to pitch to whomever shows up.  Don’t miss out…it’s going to be awesome. (Hint: see attached image)


Try your hand at claymation, sand animation, collage, cut-outs, puppetry, real-time animation, melting wax, charcoal, watercolors, whatever you can think of.  Crafternoon peeps encouraged- please bring more supplies- we have a limited budget and this time we’re spending it on animation sets, materials and software instead of food.

Let’s make animations together – Yeah!

Thank you STUDCOM Finance for the continued support

*First meeting: This Thursday, 6:30pm*
E15-4th floor’s Temporary Animation Studio in between holograms and robots


is a call to unite experimental animation enthusiasts from the extended Media Lab complex community.


Edwina & David

*ANIMATED MATTERS is sponsored by MIT Media Lab’s STUDCOM (thank you!)*
Feel free to fwd to interested parties.